BON CHIEN​         


Free In-Home Consultation: First, we offer a free one-on-one consultation to meet with you and your pet(s) at your home. During this initial visit, we will gather all of the necessary information, and get acquainted with you and your pet(s) to answer any questions about our services.

Daily Dog Walking: Is it difficult to find time to properly exercise your pet during the day? Do you need to let your pet out while you work? Do you find yourself needing to stay later at work, or want to grab dinner before returning home? BON CHIEN​ will take care of your pets, and we will make every effort to accommodate requests for a particular time slot.

In-Home Pet Sitting while you are away: We will care for your pet(s) in the comfort of their own environment. No boarding facilities, kennels or small cages, and no asking your neighbor for another favor; just love, affection, and care in your pets' most familiar environment; home! Each visit includes feeding, a walk if requested, and plenty of play time. During our visits we will also perform basic house-sitting services such as security check, mail retrieval, rotation of lights, watering plants, taking out trash and any other tasks you may require.

Overnight Pet Care:This includes the same services as the In-Home Pet Sitting, plus the added comfort and security of an overnight stay. Service includes: Morning and Evening Feedings Walks, Playtime & Exercise, Mid-Day Walk. A Certified Pet Care Professional at your home from 4 pm to 8 am. Last minute, no problem, BON CHIEN​ will be there when you can't.

Bon Chien Club: Small dogs doggie daycare located at 215 Farms Road, Stamford, CT Indoor and outdoor venue. Open from 8h30am to 5h30pm M-F, and upon demand on weekends. Come play for the day or an hourly basis. 



DAILY EXERCISE: Includes a walk/hike/beach outings, and fresh water service. Or, doggy socialization with best friend(s) in a safe and secured fenced in yard. 

30 MINUTE WALK    $25        
​60 MINUTE WALK    $35  
Add $5 for additional pet     

POTTY BREAK: New puppies need to go out more often and some dogs are used to going out at the same time each day. Potty Breaks are scheduled so your dog doesn't have to wait or have an accident. If your pet did have an accident, we will clean up so you don't have to.

15 MINUTE VISIT    $20 
​Add $5 for additional pet         

PET SITTING: Our petsit service includes playtime for cats and a walk for dogs, a feeding, fresh water, and poop pickup or litter box cleanup as needed.
30 MINUTE PETSIT    $25    
60 MINUTE PETSIT    $35 
Add $5 additional pet

OVERNIGHT PET CARE: $80 Sunday-Thursday and $85 Friday-Saturday.  
​Add $5 for additional pet
or up to four visits a day if pets can stay home alone overnight, 8/9am,11/12pm, 4/5pm, and bedtime 9/10pm

BON CHIEN CLUB: $45 a day, $42.50 2 days, $41.65 3 days, $37.50 4 days, $35 5 days a week or $8 per hour if less than 5 hours a day.